The Fifth Sun

“The Fifth Sun” is the story of three Italian filmmakers involved in the making of a documentary film about Wanderlust, or the irresistible desire to wander the world. For some a syndrome to be scientifically researched in the DRD4 gene, for others the gift of those born to travel.
They decide to follow Panu, a Finnish traveler, on a road trip from Helsinki to Cairns, Australia, with the aim of seeing a spectacular solar eclipse.
Thus began a journey aboard a Van without programs to be respected, leaving Panu free to roam on his journey to Australia.
Unexpectedly, one week before the eclipse something goes wrong.
But what could represent a real failure of our journey, turns out to be the only possible conclusion of our adventure and the unexpected but fascinating ending of the film.


Direction: Cristiana Pecci, Matteo Maggi Year: ancora in produzione Type: documentary Genre: social Country: Italia/Finlandia Production: Kino Produzioni, Coldfocus Productions

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