L’età imperfetta

Camilla is a seventeen year old who has the dream of becoming a dancer, despite her mother’s remorse. One day in dance she meets Sara, her same age and aspiring dancer like her, and her life will never be the same. Thanks to her, she will learn the sense of complicity and sharing, between bravado and first times, but also envy, rivalry and frustration.
Certain meetings have the power to radically transform the course of a lifetime and prove to be fatal. Especially during that delicate phase which is rightly defined already in the title “the imperfect age”, that of the first times, of the first experiences, of the first conflicts where the feelings are punctually exasperated. Therefore, in the absence of control and balance, they risk crossing the limits and leading to extreme and unreasonable choices.

A dream that Camilla shares with her younger sister and her dance teacher, gracefully interpreted by Anna Valle (director’s wife). When a special girl enters Camilla’s life (Paola Calliari) everything will take a different turn. From inseparable friend to bitter enemy the step can be short, especially if in the middle they inflame the same passions, in terms of dance and love. So when one of them is taken in a hearing, the other – excluded – will do anything to take revenge.


Direction: Ulisse Lendaro. Cast: Marina Occhionero, Paola Calliari, Anita Kravos, Anna Valle, Enrico Cavicchioli.

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